Inner Chaos on route

September 29, 2016

The first leg of the journey took this collage all the way from Toronto to NYC. About a week ago, Jessie’s starter arrived safely to Mimian’s hands. Looking forward to seeing how she gets on with it! Next stop is Ireland🙂


Sending to Germany, stage 2

September 28, 2016

Received the collage from Jan, did some changes including wrapping paper and cutting out shapes and sent it to Germany!

First Pass

September 20, 2016

imageSent this out on September 15th. I’m excited to see where it goes, both literally and figuratively!


Dorothy Enters Oz

September 18, 2016

Finally made my starter collage, will send out tomorrow.


Another angle:


– Aaron Kather, from Elmira, New York

Blade in Blue

September 16, 2016


September 16, 2016

here is the first phase of the collage collaboration i’ve started. i like working with old books, vintage photos, different typefaces, and burnt things. looking forward to seeing what becomes of this piece!



First Pass

September 16, 2016

According to the schedule, 90 stage-one collages are, or will soon be, in the mail. image